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100+ Bàn Trà Tròn Đẹp, Hiện Đại Mới Nhất 2021

You want to choose a tea table model that both saves room space and has a beautiful aesthetic. In this article, PVD Decor would like to share with you beautiful round coffee tables with modern style to meet the above needs for customers. Let’s follow along.

1. What is a round tea table?

Sample round tea table used by many homeowners living in apartments and villas. This is one of the most popular and popular style coffee tables on the market. The most basic feature of this product model is the round table top. Designs from simple, modern, breaking ways are also very diverse and rich.

round stone coffee table

Referring to the round tea table, everyone knows that the wooden tea table is too familiar. However, to meet the needs of improving the aesthetics of customers, today there are round tea tables with gold-plated stainless steel material appearing to replace the wooden coffee table. This type of tea table is being evaluated for quality, durability as well as high aesthetics for the house space.

2. Material for making round tea table

Not only the design is diverse, but the material of the tea table is also very rich and outstanding. With different advantages and disadvantages, the round tea table model will meet each customer’s needs from durability, quality to aesthetics as well as multi-use features.

2 tier round tea table

Tea table top

On the market today, the table materials below are used to serve each customer’s needs.

Wooden table top

Wooden countertops: the advantages of round wooden sofa table is a material from nature with a close, rustic and simple beauty. Wood has good bearing capacity, especially wood materials such as walnut, natural wood. However, the table model with wood material has disadvantages in terms of waterproofing, color shifting, termites… Especially, the quality industrial wood coffee table has the worst quality compared to other wood materials.

Glass table top

For the samples round sofa tableGlass material is also popular. High-grade tempered jack has very good bearing capacity, hard to break by high temperature, easy for cleaning. Glass material has high aesthetics and is very luxurious when combined with gold-plated stainless steel legs. However, compared to the quality and durability, it is not equal to wood and stone materials.

Round Glass Tea Table

Stone table top

Stone countertops are one of the materials that are appreciated both for their beautiful aesthetics and superior quality compared to ordinary wood materials and glass materials. Stone countertops are divided into two types: natural stone countertops and artificial stone countertops. With the unique lines of rattan, has created the brand name of this round stone coffee table.

round sofa table

Tea table legs

The coffee table leg frame takes care of the balance and stability of the product and creates a prominent highlight. On the market, there are materials depending on the preferences, needs and pockets of consumers that choose the most suitable product. PVD gold-plated stainless steel is a material chosen by many households to combine stone countertops. In addition, there are other materials such as: powder coated iron, wood, stone ….

3. What is the standard size of the round tea table?

With round tea tables suitable for small and high-class apartment living rooms. In addition, they are also used by the owner as a tea table in the bedroom space combined with a sofa set. Usually round tea table size is:

  • Standard height of tea table: 380mm – 460mm
  • Standard diameter of tea table: 500mm – 700mm

4. What special advantages does a round sofa table have?

The round sofa table has many advantages that any tea table model must respect. Because the design and materials included in this tea table model are superior to other tea table models.


Round sofa coffee table can be combined with tap sofa, high-class leather sofa set, TV shelf to create an indispensable quartet in the living room space. With high-quality materials such as gold-plated stainless steel, the product model promises to help create accents and enhance the space of your living room more modern and high-class. With a glossy yellow tone that looks very luxurious, smooth, and shiny, it will satisfy any fastidious customer. With these models, only real experience can feel the beauty of the tea table

Round tea table increases the aesthetics of the living room

Optimizing space

In particular, the round tea table has many convenient and smart designs. Like a round tea table with a 2-sided design and a swivel feature when opening and closing. With its compact size, the tea table helps to optimize space and save space for the apartment. You can choose from many different models of tea tables such as round double tea tables, 2-tier coffee tables, rotating tea tables, smart tea tables….

Round tea table helps to optimize space

Versatile feature

The trend of choosing furniture that is convenient, versatile and aesthetically pleasing is becoming more and more popular and the round coffee table completely meets this need for customers. The tea table is used as storage furniture and completes the living room interior.

Besides, the table model is also used as a coffee table in the bedroom, on the terrace, which is extremely convenient. Or for business spaces that are too coffee, this is an item not to be missed.

5. How to coordinate round tea table and chair or sofa

Round tea table There are many designs so it is easy to coordinate in interior decoration. With low swivel round coffee tables, you can choose to combine them with small and low fabric sofa sets. Sitting and chatting with friends and family around this table and chair creates a feeling of closeness, comfort and coolness.

round sofa table

The high round tea table model combined with the living room sofa set to create the perfect, ideal apartment. Combined with the TV shelf model, the console table will help the room become more lively, luxurious and modern.

6. 50+ beautiful round tea table designs for living room

PVD Decor would like to introduce to you the most beautiful round sofa coffee table models in 2021 that are being used by many households.

Double round tea table

This is one of the tea table models that has become a trend chosen by many families for the modern living room space.

With the delicate and soft lines of the round tea table, it has brought an elegant and modern beauty. The double coffee table is smartly designed when it is possible to collapse the tabletop when not in use. With a novel and streamlined design, this is a beautiful coffee table in a modern living room that will attract all the eyes of friends and customers.

With the 2-sided design of the table, you can display some decor items such as flower pots to increase the aesthetics of the room. Usually these double round coffee tables often use stone surface material combined with gold-plated stainless steel legs, wooden surface combined with stainless steel frame, electrostatic iron legs. But the stone surface material combined with gold-plated stainless steel is most often used.

Because the product is not only durable, outstanding quality but also won the hearts of customers thanks to its beautiful aesthetics. The application of advanced technologies such as PVD gold plating technology helps the product to be smooth, and the plating life is enhanced from 10 to 20 years of use.




Product price: Table models with prices ranging from 7,200,000 – 2,000,000 VND Depends on the material chosen by the customer

Latest model wooden round tea table

Round wooden top coffee table is one of the tea table models chosen by many households for the living room space of the apartment.

Round sofa tables are often compact in size, suitable for small spaces like today. In addition, the round tea table also symbolizes the fullness of the affluence and completeness that everyone wants to aim for in life.

These unique round wooden sofa tables with stainless steel frame are very popular with many people. The table top is very easy to clean and sanitize, saving a lot of time for the homeowner.

You can also choose the round wooden coffee table with 100% natural wood material. In interior design, natural wood is always a favorite material used by designers. The color of wood exudes natural beauty, closeness, rusticity and simplicity, no need to spray paint, just need to apply a layer of oil to make the furniture become more quality. Wood material has the advantage of being durable, strong, not warping, but sometimes termites

round tea table


Model of round wooden tea table

Round coffee table with wooden top

This wooden sofa table model has a compact size, designed with drawers that are very convenient for small spaces. Especially, the wooden sofa table model with gold-plated stainless steel legs is designed in European style and style. The product model is suitable for homes with antique, modern and luxury styles such as high-class apartments and villas.

Round glass coffee table

Fresh modern beauty is the outstanding advantage of the models round glass coffee table. You do not need to worry about durability when using a round glass coffee table, because the glass used is high-grade tempered glass, safe and durable. The glass surface is good heat and impact resistant, safe for users. With a simple, shiny surface, it is suitable for many different spaces. In addition, the glass surface is easy to clean without spending much time and effort.


round glass coffee table

Round glass table model always brings an elegant and modern feeling with many different designs that are suitable for modern spaces. Especially in the space of apartments, villas, homeowners are very fond of tea table models with compactness and high aesthetics.

The product model has a mid-range price range from 7,280,000 – 15,000,000 VND

Round sofa table with stone top

Stone top is one of the favorite materials used for high-class and luxurious tea tables in recent years.

The combination of a beautiful cheap sofa table with a genuine leather sofa will help your home room become more perfect and sophisticated, more comfortable. With this coffee table design, you do not have to worry about taking up room space because it is very compact and extremely convenient.

Stone surface material with many delicate lines of rattan, scratch-resistant and water-resistant has made the brand of stone coffee tables. You can choose the stone material according to your preferences and needs. Natural stone materials, artificial stone are often chosen by customers to design a stone coffee table.

However, the artificial stone surface material will not have the same quality and durability as natural materials. But natural stone is more expensive. Stone countertops are suitable for the modern home space of young families living in apartments and villas.


dragon scale round sofa coffee table


2 tier round tea table

Beautiful round tea table

Product price: Table models have prices ranging from 8,200,000 – 2,000,000 VND Depends on the material chosen by the customer

Round tea table

round tea table

7. Where to buy a reputable round tea table in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City?

It is the yellow color of the table leg frame that helps to harmonize the white color of the wall, bringing a luxurious and modern space to the apartment.

About product quality:

It is the yellow color of the table leg frame that helps to harmonize the white color of the wall, bringing a luxurious and modern space to the apartment.

The round sofa coffee table products at PVD Decor often use natural wood, industrial wood, stone surface, glass surface combined with gilded stainless steel frame to create the product. These materials are designed according to the needs and preferences of the customer.

Moreover, the gold-plated stainless steel material is easy to color and coordinate with other materials, so it always makes the room luxurious in different styles.

Especially, stainless steel material has the characteristics of durability, not rust, not warping, extremely good termite resistance. Combined with other materials such as walnut wood, stone surface, the table model can solve and meet the needs of each customer.

The product is also applied PVD gold plating technology for enhanced quality as well as durability and aesthetics.

PVD Decor is committed to the quality of plating color on each product for up to 10-20 years without fading. Anyone who stops looking at furniture products from walnut to stone and glass will also feel delighted and satisfied by the attractive and luxurious beauty of sophistication.

Summary: Above, PVD Decor has introduced to you the sofa table models, modern round tea table, high-end favorite in the past 2020 – 2021. Hope you can choose the right tea table model to both optimize the space and create the aesthetic of the apartment.

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