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100+ Mẫu Tab Đầu Giường Hiện Đại

Just like the side table or console table model, the bedside tab It is an indispensable piece of furniture in the modern bedroom space. Because of the diverse designs and styles, unique styles will promise to help elevate the space of your home room more luxurious and aesthetic.

1. What is the bedside Tab cabinet?

The bedside table is a table used to decorate or store Decor items, lamps, documents, makeup, clocks, usually arranged at the head of the bed. Its English name is Bedside Table/night Table. In addition, it is also known as the bedside cabinet, the headboard, the headboard is the part that comes with the bed.

The bedside table, also known as the headboard, the bedside cabinet is usually arranged right in the bed.

2. What is the headboard used for?

Sample bedside tab Not only is it a piece of furniture used for storage and display, but it is also an art piece that enhances the luxurious beauty of the room.

Beautiful aesthetics – creating a highlight of the room space

The headboard combined with decorative items and items creates a unique highlight for the room. With simple decorative items such as pictures, clocks, flower vases, and night lights, they have also contributed to creating a more comfortable and modern bedroom space.

Beautiful bedside tables
Beautiful headboard model with sofa fabric design wrapped around combined with stone table top, PVD-plated stainless steel frame

Storage function

The main use of the bedside table is to increase the storage space for personal items. Homeowners who often have a hobby of reading often sip a cup of coffee or tea in the evening, this bedside cabinet is a place to store drinks for you.

beautiful bedside cabinets
The headboard is designed in a square shape, looks very compact, the upper floor is used to decorate lamps and flowerpots, the lower floor is to store newspapers and books.

In addition, the bedside cabinet is often arranged with a night light. A night light is a common item used by modern families. The soft light from the night light will create a warm feeling to help you fall into a deep sleep and is convenient for night activities.

Easy to combine with other furniture

In addition, the decorative panel is also very easy to coordinate with other furniture in the bedroom such as makeup tableconsole table.. to create accents and uniqueness for the room.

3. What should I pay attention to when buying a bedside tab?

Material, substance

Currently on the market there are many models, but bedside cabinets to meet the needs and preferences of each person should have different materials such as industrial wood, natural wood, oak, plastic, iron, stainless steel. ….

  • Natural wood: has quite high durability, environmentally friendly natural wood material, but the price is also quite high.
  • Wood Industry: Industrial wood has the advantage of low cost, suitable for finance, but the product quality is not guaranteed to be susceptible to termites and water absorption.
  • Plastic: Diverse in designs and models, but the quality cannot be compared with gilded stainless steel and natural wood.
  • Gold-plated stainless steel: 304 stainless steel material – durable stainless steel, no warping, termites, delicate lines and applying the most advanced PVD gold plating technology today. The product is chosen by many homeowners because it contributes to a more luxurious, classy and modern living space.


Diverse materials along with rich colors to give customers more choices. You can choose the cabinet, tap model that suits your personality, house style as well as the wall paint color of your house.

4. What is the size of the headboard tab?

The most popular bedside cabinet sizes:

– The size of the small headboard tab: (width x length x height) is (0.50 x 0.40 x 0.46) meters.

– The size of the regular headboard: (width x length x height) is (0.55 x 0.45 x 0.6) meters.

– The size of the large bedside cabinet: (width x length x height) is (0.65 x 0.5 x 0.7) meters.

headboard size
Dimensions of the square headboard
bedside cabinet size
Size of round headboard model
Dimensions of the headboard
Size of rectangular headboard

Choose a design style

Interior style is also an important factor in model selection headboard suitable for home space. To create a consistent, balanced layout is what homeowners need to pay attention to.

  • Modern style with gold-plated stainless steel: suitable for high-class spaces such as apartments, villas, townhouses… This style is for homeowners who like luxury, luxury and high aesthetics.
  • Scandinavian (Nordic style) with many drawers and simple legs for convenient storage.
  • Classic style with unique lines and patterns, increasing the aesthetics of the room space

In addition, there are many interior design style such as luxury, minimalist… Create beautiful, unique and bold cabinet models.

5. Latest price list for bedside tables 2021

TOP 10 US PRODUCTS Material, substance PRICE
Plastic headboard Plastic 100,000 – 500,000 VND
MPF . wooden bedside table 100% MDF Range 495,000 – 1,000,000 VND
Natural wooden bedside table Natural wood 400,000 – 4,000,000 VND
Peach wood bedside table Cherry wood 850,000 – 2,000,000 VND
Walnut headboard Walnut wood 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 VND
Oak bedside table Oak wood 850,000 – 4,000,000 VND
Gold plated stainless steel bed headboard Stone top + Stainless steel legs + MPF wood Fluctuating 4,000,000 – 10,000,000 VND
High-class 2-tier bed headboard PVD plated stainless steel + Artificial stone surface 4,000,000 – 6,000,000 VND

6. Modern and simple beautiful bedside tables

Modern bedside table

The Don Tap modern bedside With luxurious design, delicate lines bring utility as well as aesthetics to your room space. With a wide range of colors, styles and premium materials, you’ll be able to integrate this model in your room without taking up too much space.

bedside shelf
Model 1: Modern bedside table with 2 drawers design, wooden material combined with gilded stainless steel frame

Neoclassical bedside table

Classic style, the headboard designs are designed with delicate lines, patterns, meticulous will make your room space become more luxurious and convenient.

Oak bedside table
Model 2: Neoclassical tab template with quite simple design with 1 basic drawer

Bedside cabinets are often integrated with drawers to help you optimize space, making the room more neat and tidy.

Oak bedside table

oak headboard

MDF Bedside Tab

High-end beautiful headboard

3-compartment bedside tab

3-compartment bedside drawer

Gold plated stainless steel bed headboard

Sample bedside tab Gold-plated stainless steel has been developed in recent years and is being used by many households. Because the tab template brings a modern luxurious living space with high-quality shiny gold-plated material.

beautiful modern bedside table
Model 3: The unique design of the bedside cabinet is modern and elegant

The environmentally friendly gold-plated stainless steel material is non-toxic and the product quality is absolutely guaranteed thanks to the applied technologies.

bedside cabinet
Model 4: One of the beautiful and simple bedside tables is this cabinet model
cabinet in front of bed
Model 5: For the space of young people who love novelty and originality for their living space. The tab template with bold personality and room aesthetics is also raised to a new level.
modern bedside cabinets
Model 6: The simple but delicate double tab template is loved by many homeowners
Model 7: The dashboard is designed with X-shaped legs, gold-plated stainless steel material combined with wooden surface
bedside tap
Model 8
modern nightstand
Model 9: The square-shaped headboard model stands out with the mysterious yellow and black shelf legs of the tab face
modern bedside tap
Model 10: The bedside cabinet is designed with 2 floors and 1 drawer very cleverly. Glossy gold tone and white color combination looks very luxurious and sophisticated
simple bedside tap
Model 11: A simple but striking case with a felt cover combined with a gold-plated stainless steel frame
beautiful headboard
Model 12: The template is designed by industrial wood material with the function of storing and decorating beautiful flower vases.
Beautiful modern bedside table
Model 13: The tab template is designed with many convenient compartments for storage, combining a very delicate and luxurious white color
Round headboard tab
Model 14: The delicate bedside table is stylized in a circular and elliptical shape, creating a flexibility that makes the space more comfortable.
bedside tab
Model 15: Unique features and diverse designs are always the highlight of modern tab models with gold-plated stainless steel legs
Natural wooden bedside table
Model 16: The briefcase is designed by industrial wood material with a very modern 2-compartment design
Oak bedside table
Image of shelf model number 17
beautiful bedside tab
Model 18: Smartly designed briefcase, luxurious design and eye-catching color tone
Modern bedside cabinet
Model 19: New and unique modern design is on this model.
beautiful bedside tab template
Model 20: This is the most common type of bedside cabinet that you can find in many furniture suppliers on the market.

4. How to clean the bedside cabinet is always as good as new

To get a headboard model that always keeps the freshness of the beauty like new. When cleaning, homeowners need to pay attention to a few things below to avoid risks to the product

Regular and periodic cleaning

Any interior products including models headboard It also needs to be cleaned and sanitized regularly. With a natural wooden bedside cabinet, regularly cleaned, the product is more shiny. With wood and plastic materials, homeowners only need to use a towel and cold water and then clean it directly. As for gold-plated stainless steel, the owner should absolutely not use cleaning chemicals such as soap, glass cleaner … Because gold-plated stainless steel is very intolerant of chemicals, which will lead to color fading. . Instead, homeowners just need to use cold water and a towel to clean easily, quickly and simply.

Model 1: Gold-plated stainless steel decorative tab combined with natural stone face

Limit placing heavy items

This tab template is only used to store light-weight items such as decorative lights, night lights, flowerpots… Therefore, homeowners should not put heavy objects on the tab form to avoid causing unwanted things.

How to decorate a beautiful bedside cabinet

Lighting: A must-have nightstand: a great table lamp. Make sure the style you choose is the correct size so it doesn’t appear too small or overwhelm your space.

Ornamental tree: You want your sleeping space to feel refreshing, and nature can play an important role in helping to achieve that goal. Designer Holly Hickey Moore says: “Fresh flowers or potted plants are a must to bring in an element of nature.

Wall painting: Putting a framed piece of art on your nightstand, printing out a favorite photo for display, or even just framing a favorite card or postcard will bring you joy.

Decorate with books: For a super easy, affordable, chic nightstand that isn’t really a table, stack some books

Combined with the chair: In classic shabby chic, each item is unobtrusive and purposeful, like the low bar stool that serves as a night light.

Summary: Posts on here PVD Decor shared with you the information about the bedside table products as well as the experience, decoration and the most unique pictures.

If you have a need to buy a modern headboard, contact PVD Decor for sizing advice or come to the showroom to experience the latest models here.

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