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Decorating the shrine room Or interior design of the worship room is one of the very important jobs of homeowners in Vietnamese families. But how to arrange and decorate it to suit feng shui is also what many people care about. Articles below PVD Decor I would like to share with you my experiences, principles and some taboos when designing and decorating the interior of the church.

1. The role and meaning of the altar room.

Worshiping beliefs of the Vietnamese people are influenced by Chinese culture, so they have existed for a long time. Especially with the culture, morality, respecting the teacher, remembering the source when drinking water, it is more and more trusted by the people. Worshiping expresses deep gratitude for merits, upbringing, meritorious deeds, reverence of the dead, sacrificed and saints…

decorate the shrine room

2. Experience in decorating the worship room according to feng shui

In Vietnamese houses, there are altars and separate worship rooms with different room styles. So many people will also have a way to decorate and how to decorate the church room difference.

church room cnc wall

In traditional Vietnamese houses, the ancestral altar is usually arranged on the top floor or is usually located in the main space of the house. The main space here is the living room where you welcome and receive guests every day. As for the apartments, which are often integrated, living room combined with beautiful worship room into space to save space, optimize space.

However, some homeowners’ opinions say that the worship of ancestors or gods should be arranged in a quiet and dignified place. Because there are the following reasons

The first, The arrangement of a private worship room will keep the private space, the image of the altar, avoid many people passing by…

Monday, According to the concept of feng shui, the arrangement of the altar, the altar room opposite the main door will bring a lot of monkeys from the outside to the inside and be easily affected by the wind.

Tuesday: With the space of the worship room often being blown by the wind, the incense burner is often shaken, which will negatively affect feng shui as well as bad things happen in the family. That’s why many homeowners often choose the model altar room partition both as a solution to cover and decorate the room space more modern and luxurious. Since then, the space of the worship room becomes more dignified and quiet.

decorative partitions of the shrine room
Homeowners can also use gilded stainless steel partitions in combination with wooden frames to balance the feng shui elements of the worship room.

Buddha worship room design

In Vietnam, many people are deeply influenced by Buddhism, so they often set up worship and temples to express gratitude and respect to the Buddha. Therefore, the issue of worshiping Buddha in the house is very important not only to homeowners but also to Buddhists.

family room design

In particular, in the space of the Buddha’s room, it is not advisable to design or decorate items containing salty foods, sticky rice, chicken… Because this will violate one of the five precepts of Buddhism, which is the precept of killing. Homeowners only need to display some items such as vases, chanting shelves, incense …

Decorating the design of the ancestral altar room

The design of a beautiful family worship room is not only aesthetically pleasing but also dignified and spiritual. Vietnamese people often have a saying and proverb: “When you eat fruit, remember who planted the tree, when you eat potatoes, remember who gave you the rope to plant”.

beautiful modern church
The image of decorating the ancestral altar room with black-brown wood material combined with 2 vases of water hyacinth

Therefore, the space of the church should be decorated and arranged in accordance with feng shui and dignified to show respect for the deceased. Sincerely to the ancestors, they will be blessed with good fortune, prosperity and happiness.

3. Principles of designing and decorating worship rooms in accordance with feng shui for Vietnamese people.

Dimensions of the altar room & altar.

The choice of the size of the altar is also one of the important factors when designing or buildingdecorate the altar room. To ensure the feng shui element, many households often choose a wall-mounted altar or an altar. Depending on the size of the house and the style of the house, homeowners can choose the appropriate model. When designing and arranging the altar, it is necessary to measure the width, height, and distance from the ground to the top edge of the altar.

altar size
How to choose the right size of the altar according to feng shui

Some standard feng shui altar sizes such as 38.8 cm, 42.9 cm, 52.2 cm. In which, the 38.8 cm ruler is a measure of the size of the altar, including the altar, the sarcophagus, the cottage… So you should use this ruler to determine the standard size of the altar and altar.

Design a wall-mounted altar

The popular wall-mounted altar is usually 610mm (Depth) x 1070mm (Wide) – respectively (Tai Loc – Quy Tu)

There are also some altar sizes (Depth x Width) that are also of interest such as:
· 480 mm (Tai Vuong) x 810 mm (Tai Vuong)
560 mm (Tai Vuong) x 810 mm (Tai Vuong)
560 mm (Tai Vuong) x 950 mm (Tai Vuong)
· 480 mm (Hii Su) x 810 mm (Tai Vuong)
· 480 mm (Hí Su) x 880 mm (Tien Bao)

Location and direction of the worship room.

The location and direction of the worship room are extremely important in feng shui. Here is a note you should keep in mind:

  • The location of the altar should be avoided next to the kitchen wall, avoid placing the altar in the toilet, and limit placing it on the balcony.
  • The time to set up the altar is usually at the time of entering the house, this is important for homeowners who value feng shui.

Color and interior materials of the altar room.

The color and material of the interior of the church is also an important factor for decorate the shrine room or interior design. Normally, the worship rooms of Vietnamese families often use walnut wood with brown color, neutral color to make furniture. Because these colors bring warmth and are quite modern to the space of the church. In addition, many homeowners also use stainless steel furniture to balance the wooden materials with the Tho par in Feng Shui.

Design the lighting system in the church room.

  • The space of the worship room needs to be created a dignified and cozy atmosphere, so it should be designed with appropriate lights to ensure adequate light.
  • If the area where the altar is arranged is small, you should choose a small chandelier to ensure a balance of space
  • Arrange lights not to shine directly on people sitting to worship and perform rituals
  • Light colors need to be in harmony, if the wall is painted in a light color, arrange fewer lights than the wall of a dark color.
  • If you hang pictures, you should arrange wall lights symmetrically on both sides of the picture

4. Taboos when choosing the location of the altar according to feng shui

The arrangement of the worship room needs to comply with the following regulations, so that when designing you need to pay attention to:

  • Do not place the altar under the restroom on the upper floor
  • Avoid placing the altar on the wall or wall of the toilet
  • The direction of the altar should not be opposite to the direction of the door
  • The worship room needs to create a dignified and cozy atmosphere
  • Attention should be paid to the appropriate lighting when designing the church room

5. Items used in the worship room.

  • Incense bowl
  • Porcelain vase
  • Oil lamps or candlesticks
  • Baskets:
  • Throne of the altar:
  • Decorative cabinets
  • Partition of the altar room

6. 20 Pictures of beautiful church room designs and decorations

Here are some beautiful altar rooms that are fully decorated and designed in a modern, modern style from the colors to the materials used and even the furniture. Each model of the church room shows the dignified beauty and decorative style of each homeowner.

beautiful altar room decoration
Model 1: Living room combined with a beautiful worship room is often used in small apartments
decorate the shrine room
Model 2: Add two beautiful and luxurious vases of water hyacinth next to the dignified and modern Buddha altar
church room design
Model 3: Design a family altar in a dignified, spacious space, respectfully showing the sincerity of the homeowner
modern church room design
Model 4: Choose natural wood materials, delicately carved with earthy brown colors for a solemn and solemn worship room design.
Buddha room
Sample 5: The worship room needs to create a dignified and calm atmosphere. If the area where the altar is arranged is small, you can choose a small chandelier to ensure balance.
High-class modern church room design
Model 6: Interior image of Buddha room with black-brown wood material combined with 2 vases of water hyacinth
family room design
Model 7: Walnut is the most commonly used natural material in the design of the church because of its cozy, suitable and luxurious color as well as the durability it brings.
beautiful design
Model 8: This compact worship cabinet is usually arranged in small house spaces such as apartments…
modern worship room
Model 9: The Buddha altar is designed in an ancient style with many details, delicate and dignified pattern lines.
beautiful altar
Model 10: Decorate a beautiful set of paintings with 2 types of water hyacinth to create a pure atmosphere for the worship room. The church room is decorated with curtains to cover and receive natural light.
beautiful modern church
Model 11: High-end crystal chandelier and provide enough light for the church room

the most beautiful style
Model 12: The altar room is used industrial wood with yellow tones combined with wooden walls and altar cabinets
altar room furniture
Sample 13: The image of the Buddha room is designed with an altar and other items such as lamps, incense burners, fresh flowers..
it's so nice to say
Sample 14: Decorate the altar room with fresh flower vases and beautiful pictures of the four quarters
say it's beautiful
Sample 15: Designing natural light and light is also a way to decorate the church room to become cozy and comfortable.
It's so beautiful to speak
Model 16: The spacious worship room is beautifully decorated and dignified from color to furniture and materials used
church room design sample construction
Model 17: Model of a worship room for apartments with a small area but enough to exude elegance and majesty
modern church room model
Model 18: The model of the worship room is designed very dignified and pure with walnut wood combined with furniture.
fast style
Model 19: Although the worship room has a small space, it is very discreet and quiet
beautiful style soon
Model 20: This is a model of the villa’s worship room, which is designed on a high floor combined with a very luxurious and comfortable sofa set.
the most beautiful style
Model 21: Homeowners can arrange green pots to make the space of the worship room more close to nature
It's so cool to speak
Model 22: The interior of the red wood church is luxurious and classy in the villa space.
how to decorate the church room
Model 23: High quality natural wood materials combined with Decor items, lights to increase the dignity and aesthetics of the space
beautiful altar samples
Sample 24: Using partitions to both decorate the room space and shield from the wind and ensure the quietness of the altar.

Summary: Above PVD Decor shared with you the experiences, principles and taboos when decorating the church room. Hopefully this article can help you know how to arrange the right items for the space of the standard worship room according to feng shui to bring fortune, warmth and good luck in life.

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