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11+ beautiful and high vitality terrace plants, the easiest to care for

Beautiful terrace plants

Taking advantage of the terrace space to make a place to relax, bringing a little grass to life is an idea favored by many urban residents. So what kind? terrace plants suitable? What are the benefits and considerations when growing plants on the terrace? Let’s learn about this topic with Mogi right in the following article.

Why should you plant trees on the terrace?

As mentioned, the biggest purpose when choosing to plant trees on the terrace is to make use of space and bring life closer to nature. Currently, high-rise buildings often appear in urban areas, this is also a place where there is a shortage of trees, and the environment is full of dust and pollution. Therefore, if it is possible to plant trees on the terrace, it will bring a lot of benefits, helping people feel more relaxed.

Create a “chill” corner in the house

Most private houses or apartments in urban areas are quite limited in area. These houses do not have garden design space like suburbs and countryside. So choosing some types of terrace plants from the bonsai family would be a great idea.

Growing plants on the rooftop is a good idea to create a relaxing space in the house

Just a few pots of roses, confetti, aquatic plants, … you have a very chill space. When people live close to nature, they will feel more relaxed and gentle. You can also create the terrace into a place to drink tea, read a book or gather with your family and this mini garden.

Helps purify the air

Referring to the benefits of planting trees, of course, it is impossible not to mention the ability to purify the air. All types of terrace plants in particular and trees in general provide oxygen and take away CO2 during photosynthesis. Therefore, we always feel the fresh air, cooler when standing in the green garden during the day.

And yet, the leaves are also capable of blocking fine dust and noise very well. So you will enjoy the quietest. Separation from the honking of a car horn or a smoky atmosphere is a wonderful thing.

Increase the beauty of the house

A house planted with many trees will bring a distinct beauty. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide variety of plants. This will create a green space and extremely unique. Planting and taking care of your own plants also helps you love your home more.

Designing the terrace into a mini garden can contribute to the beauty of the house

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Currently, apartments in urban areas are often limited in area, without many trees. Therefore, planting trees on the rooftop can increase the beauty, decorate the house, and be more beneficial to the health and psychology of people.

You will be able to “harvest” vegetables if you grow edible plants

Not only using the terrace area as a space to grow bonsai, rest, relax, … You can completely create your own mini garden with vegetables and fruits. When choosing plants to grow on the terrace, you can choose fruit trees, vegetables, tubers, etc. However, it is necessary to learn carefully to choose the right varieties.

Because the terrace is usually concreted or paved. So you can only grow vegetables, tubers and fruits in styrofoam or potted plants. Therefore, it is not possible to grow large and land-intensive crops. Please continue to the end of the article for Mogi’s suggestions for some types of terrace plants that can be harvested and eaten.

Suggest some types of terrace plants that are easy to grow and have high vitality

With that said, growing plants on the terrace is a very good idea. It brings many benefits and meaning to our lives. But because the terrace is the place to directly receive the sun, wind, and dust from outside. Therefore, you need to consider and choose the right terrace plant varieties.

Understand the desire to have a natural space on your terrace. Mogi has compiled a number of suitable crops. We divide plants into two main groups:

  • Ornamental plants, decorative plants and good air filtration
  • Fruit trees, vegetables can be harvested

Let’s take a look at the details of these plants to make the best choice for you.

Decorative plants, air purifiers

Ornamental plants, also known as decorative plants, are often very popular for growing indoors, on terraces, in offices, etc. The reason is because ornamental plants can grow and develop in small pots. The size of the tree is also not too large. Thanks to that, you will have a fresher space, closer to nature.

In which, plants suitable for growing on the terrace such as succulents, cacti, climbing roses, etc. are very popular. Let’s take a closer look at each of these plants below.

Stone Lotus

To talk about the advantages of succulents, this is a very easy plant to live. Each succulent plant will have succulent leaves arranged interlaced. Overall look like a lotus flower. Hence it is called stone lotus.

The succulent plant is easy to grow, does not take much time to fertilize, is suitable for choosing as a terrace plant

Talking about growth and development characteristics:

  • In general, succulents grow quite slowly
  • Stone lotus does not require regular care. Moreover, it is also capable of adapting to many different environments and climates
  • The succulent plant is very sunny, so if you are looking for an ornamental plant to grow on the terrace, this plant is extremely suitable.

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As you know, when we talk about cacti, we immediately think of the desert. Where there is sunshine, wind and sand, it is so arid all year round that cactus can still grow and develop. So there is no reason to exclude this plant from the list of suitable ornamental plants for growing on the terrace.

  • Like succulents, cactus has good water storage capacity. So the owner does not take much care
  • Cactus is extremely suitable for living in sunny locations. Therefore, if you are looking to choose more plants to grow on the terrace, consider cacti.

Cactus can adapt to many environments, extremely intense vitality

Japanese Mini Lotus – Plants on the terrace to relax gently

If you like a gentle relaxing space, for rest, “chill chill”, then you should definitely not ignore the Japanese mini lotus variety.

  • This cultivar is small in size. It is perfectly capable of growing well in medium-sized jars and jars.
  • Japanese mini lotus has green leaves, extremely beautiful and elegant roses. Therefore, this will definitely be the choice of many women and beauty lovers.

Japanese mini lotus is an ornamental plant chosen to grow on the rooftop quite a lot

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Leo Roses

Climbing rose is also one of the most suitable terrace plants:

  • Rose plants grow and develop in the form of vines, forming a mesh that is both shading and extremely beautiful.
  • Climbing roses are also very easy to live, can adapt to any environment
  • Currently on the market there are many varieties of flowers with different vibrant colors. You can completely choose the flowers with your favorite colors such as pink, red, white, …

An extremely romantic space when there are climbing roses

Periwinkle Flowers

Referring to ornamental plants grown on the terrace, periwinkle flowers are also a beautiful plant:

  • Periwinkle flowers can grow in “poor nutrition” conditions. That means you can completely plant periwinkle flowers in small pots, or hang them up to decorate the terrace.
  • Periwinkle flowers have lush green leaves, in the season the flowers will bloom with vibrant, eye-catching pink

Periwinkle flowers are also a suitable flower for terrace plants

So if you want the terrace to have more outstanding colors, choose to plant periwinkle flowers.

Her betel tree

Another species of vines that are also very suitable for growing on the terrace is betel nut. Because it is a vine, it does not take up much space. The leaves are heart-shaped and are green all year round.

When planting betel nut trees, you will not spend much time caring for and pruning branches. The betel nut tree not only adorns the terrace space. More importantly, it also helps filter the air and dust very well.

The betel nut tree is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also a plant that brings good feng shui to many people

Rooftop plants of all kinds of vegetables and fruits

In addition to plants for the purpose of landscaping, creating a fresh, relaxing corner close to nature. Mogi also wants to suggest you some varieties that can be harvested. In other words, these plants can not only be ornamental but also produce crops. You will have more vegetables and clean fruits to eat every day.

Aloe vera

Another plant that is also extremely suitable for growing on the terrace is the aloe vera plant. This plant is stemless, the leaves grow directly from the roots and take the form of a sheath. Succulent leaves are the way to help aloe vera maintain life in harsh conditions.

Growing aloe vera on the terrace is not only beautiful but also can be harvested

Growing aloe vera is not only relaxing because the plant has a cool green color. You can also use aloe vera to make a face mask. In addition, aloe vera will also be a nutritious ingredient when served with yogurt or tea.

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acerola tree

We all know cherries are both highly nutritious and extremely expensive. Moreover, this plant is not common in Vietnam. So many people still think this is a difficult plant to grow and care for.

However, now there are acerola varieties successfully grown in our country. And you can also find these pots of acerola at the seedling store.

Growing acerola on the terrace can also harvest a lot of clean fruit for the family

The cherry tree not only gives sweet fruit but also makes a very beautiful scene. Because it is a soft-bodied tree, you can bend the tree into many different shapes by yourself. This is an ideal suggestion when you intend to grow plants at home, isn’t it?

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Guava tree

Guava is one of the easiest fruit varieties to grow. Because of the characteristic of guava tree, it can adapt to many different environments. Currently, there are many varieties of small guava on the market, grown in pots. Therefore, you absolutely can own a pot of guava tree on your terrace. With a sunny and windy location like a terrace, growing guava is a very suitable choice.

If you like to grow fruit trees on the terrace, you should definitely not ignore the guava tree

Thai toad tree

A fruit tree very familiar to the Vietnamese is the toad tree. And the current Thai toad is also bred and planted in small pots. Although the tree is small, it is extremely fruity, very suitable for planting on the rooftop.

Thai toad can grow and develop well in sunny, poor nutrient environments

Tomato tree

Referring to fruit trees that are easy to grow, suitable for growing on rooftops, tomato plants are indispensable. Growing tomato plants is extremely easy. You just need to plant the seeds in a medium-sized pot. After less than 3 months of sowing seeds, tomato plants have grown well. The trunk of the plant is vines, so it does not take up much space. You can make a trellis to make it easier for the plant to grow.

Rooftop crops can be harvested without a tomato plant

Like other easy-to-harvest cultivars, tomato plants are pest-free and easy to care for. Moreover, looking at the tomatoes growing in bunches on the tree is also very beautiful. So this is a suitable plant for the terrace of your house.

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If there are enough trees, flowers and fruits, of course the mini “vegetable garden” on the rooftop should have some more vegetables. In which, cabbage is quite easy to grow, does not take much time to take care of. Compared with other vegetables, cabbage has less pest and disease, good growth ability. So in just a short time, you can harvest vegetables already.

Cabbage vegetables are also very easy to grow and care for, so it is especially suitable for your desire to find a terrace plant

In addition, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, chrysanthemum, … are also very easy to grow and care for. Promises to make your garden richer and more diverse.

Hopefully Mogi’s sharing has helped you get more suggestions when choosing the right terrace plant variety. Do not forget to continue to update many other useful life news at

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