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Bảng giá vật liệu xây dựng tại Bình Dương năm 2022

Binh Duong, with its geographical location in the Southeast region, belongs to the southern key economic region, so infrastructure is focused on investment. With the listing and unification of price of construction materials in Binh Duong help investors, customers have understanding of the prices of construction materials and budget estimates for their projects.

1. Development direction of building materials in Binh Duong

The transformation of building material production technology from the old style to the application of advanced and modern science and technology in order to improve productivity, save energy and labor, and ensure environmental friendliness. It is not just a policy implemented nationwide, including Binh Duong province.


The restriction of mass and massive exploitation of construction sand materials so as not to disrupt the river environment ecosystem. Invest in building a high-tech cement factory that can both produce and handle hazardous substances during operation, reuse raw materials, and minimize gas emissions. discharged into the environment, contributing to building an environment that meets the criteria of Green – Clean – Beautiful.

With the profession of making construction bricks, applying new production technology – producing bricks by unburnt method instead of the traditional brick making process in order to limit emissions that pollute the environment and affect health. workers and the health of the people living around them.

Currently, in addition to the rapidly increasing demand for building materials due to the massive growth of many construction projects, the application and thorough implementation of policies on limiting the exploitation of building materials and environmental protection are closely monitored by the authorities of Binh Duong province. Therefore, the construction material industry in Binh Duong is in the top of the provinces and cities that thoroughly apply the use and construction of construction works with the most environmentally friendly building materials.

2. Updated price of construction materials in Binh Duong

Quotation of construction materials is one of the top concerns of investors for their works. What is remarkable about construction material quotes in Binh Duong?


2.1. Quotation of construction iron and steel

Construction iron and steel is one of the building materials considered the core of the project. It is present in the most important construction items such as foundation, column pouring, beam pouring, roof pouring… So, if you choose a good construction steel, suitable for the scale of the project, it will not only create Therefore, it has high aesthetics, solid durability, but also helps investors save costs.


Currently, the construction iron and steel market is very active. There are many units producing and distributing this item such as Viet Nhat, Pomina, Hoa Phat, Viet Italy. Each unit has a different price list. Customers, depending on their needs and convenience, choose the appropriate brand. Below is a price list of some popular steel types in Binh Duong that Digital Construction would like to send so you can compare them before choosing construction steel for your project.

Price list of Southern construction steel in Binh Duong

Southern Steel is probably the first name when it comes to construction steels in Binh Duong. Southern Steel has 2 main products: coil and rebar with reasonable prices. Please introduce the price list of southern construction steel for customers of Construction Reference number:


Latest Vietnam Japan construction steel price list


Pomina construction steel price list

But it cannot be denied that, of all the brands that are distributing construction iron and steel products today, Pomina’s products are considered to be in the top 10 of durable construction material products with time and quality. Pretty good quantity. At construction sites in Binh Duong, construction iron and steel products bearing the Pomina brand are commonly used. With affordable price, high durability, along with good bearing and bending ability, Pomina construction iron is targeted and selected by construction investors in Binh Duong.


Hoa Phat construction steel price list

You can refer to the price of Hoa Phat construction steel in the table below:


2.2. Quotation of cement products

Cement is always one of the building materials that play an important and indispensable role in constructions. Cement when combined with other construction materials such as sand, stone, iron and steel… creates durability and certainty for the project. The cement market in Vietnam in general and Binh Duong in particular is currently experiencing price fluctuations when the capacity of exploitation as well as consumption is gradually improving.


Currently on the market, there are many famous cement brands such as Hoang Thach, But Son, Hai Phong, Bim Son, Tam Diep, Hoang Mai, Ha Tien 1 and many other famous cements. . Therefore, the cost of cement also varies between brands. The price of cement sold to the market is showing signs of increasing slightly due to increased demand and increased supply of electricity for cement production. Below are quotes for some commonly used cements in Binh Duong province:



It can be seen that, compared with 2022, the price of cement in Binh Duong has big fluctuations. Because cement is an almost mandatory building material in constructions, it determines the adhesion as well as the external architectural components and the internal durability.

2.3. Quotation for Mykolor Paint products

Mykolor is a line of water-based paints with more than 10 years of experience in the Vietnamese market and trusted by consumers. Mykolor paint is divided into many types with different prices depending on the specific packing specifications as follows:

– The price of Mykolor Grand 2020 paint ranges from VND 1,145,000 to VND 4,879,000/ carton of 18 liters and VND 265,000 to VND 765,000/ can of 5 liters

– Mykolor Touch paint has prices ranging from 415,000 VND to 900,000 VND/can of 4.75l and 1,010,000 VND to 3,585,000 VND/carton of 18l

– Mykolor Nana paint has prices ranging from 254,000 VND to 518,000 VND/box of 5 liters and 1,174,000 VND to 3,030,000 VND/ carton of 18 liters

2.4 Latest quotation of construction sand in Binh Duong


Currently, in construction, there are 3 types of sand commonly used: yellow sand, black sand, leveling sand. From these 3 types of sand, they can be used individually or in combination to meet construction works such as pouring concrete, building bowls, leveling…

– Concrete sand is yellow sand with large grain size. This type of sand is commonly used by contractors in pouring fresh concrete in the foundation, foundation, and pillars. In addition, concrete sand when pouring the floor will often dry quickly and make the concrete firm with time.

– Sand for building bowls is one of the most commonly used types of sand today. This sand is dark brown, black, fine sand grains, clean and free of impurities. Masonry sand is used for mortar for masonry, plastering or tiling. Moreover, this type of sand has a small size, smooth, high porosity, so it plays an important role in creating the aesthetics of the building. Sand bowl does not contain impurities, cheap price and heat resistance, high permeability, good cohesion with cement, so it is widely used in constructions such as residential houses, villas…

– Yellow sand is a type of sand of various sizes. This type of sand is used by contractors to pour concrete and build walls in load-bearing positions. Besides, yellow sand dries quickly, so when the weather is rainy and windy, the floor is not wet like when using other types of sand. This helps the works using yellow sand always be dry, clean and sustainable over time.

– Leveling sand is a type of sand used for leveling foundations and ground, especially works with weak and poor ground. The advantage of leveling sand is to increase the stability of the work, the sand is compacted, so it also has the effect of increasing friction and anti-slip ability.

Below is a quote for some types of construction sand commonly used in Binh Duong province:


Black sand price list in Binh Duong


2.5 Quotation of construction stone in Binh Duong 2022

Just like construction sand, stones are also used based on each construction item for different purposes. This is also one of the indispensable building materials in the construction process, the importance of each type of stone also depends on each different project. There are many different types of stones on the market today with different prices.


– 1×2 stone is often used by contractors and construction units to work in high-rise buildings, national highways, airport runways.

– 4×6 stone is a type of stone widely used by contractors in concrete factories and is also used to make small to large projects such as 1×2 stone.

– Stone 5×7 is a common stone used to make the base of floor tiles and cement tiles. In addition, 5×7 stone is also used as an additive to some other building materials.

Below is the latest price list of construction stone in Binh Duong.


2.6 Quotation of bricks

Brick is a building material made from molded earth and fired at high temperature until it becomes hard and has a reddish-brown color. This is a building material that is widely used in constructions, from walls, floor linings, partitions… to create a complete aesthetic beauty for construction works. Currently, there are two types of bricks most commonly used in construction: solid bricks and hollow bricks (also known as hollow bricks).


Solid brick: has the characteristic of being sturdy, so it is often used for housing construction. Thanks to this feature, it brings certainty and safety during construction and use.

Brick hole: is a type of brick with many different types such as 2-hole brick, 4-hole brick, 6-hole brick… Thanks to the internal hole-making structure, this type of brick uses less materials, so the price is also cheaper. However, perforated bricks have low compressive strength and high water absorption.

In contrast, solid bricks have a structure without holes forming a solid block throughout. Therefore, the production requires more raw materials, leading to high costs. But in return, solid bricks are hard and less watery.

Below is the latest price list of construction bricks in Binh Duong in 2022


2.7 Quotation of fresh concrete in Binh Duong 2022

Fresh concrete is a mixture of many aggregates such as stone, sand, water cement and some other additives. Currently, fresh concrete seems to be commonly used in construction projects from residential houses to high-rise buildings… Therefore, it is undeniable that the convenience and popularity of fresh concrete today Nowadays, it is the first item that contractors in Binh Duong as well as construction owners are always looking for, so it leads to price instability. For the contractor as well as the investor to understand better, Digital Construction would like to send the latest price list of fresh concrete in Binh Duong 2022 below.


Above is a quotation of construction materials in Binh Duong we would like to share with our customers, investors… Any questions, questions about the price of construction materials at the time of your construction, please contact us. Contact the hotline or leave a message for us.

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