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Feng shui ceramic vase carries many unique meanings from wishes, health, fortune, well-being and promotion at work. Because of these reasons, many people have brought ceramic vases as gifts to friends, relatives and even their bosses-superiors with the desire to wish the best for the recipient and themselves. come at work. However, feng shui items have their own limits and really strict ways to give gifts to others.

The feng shui vase is a very common interior decoration item
The feng shui vase is a very common interior decoration item

1. What is feng shui ceramic vase?

The feng shui ceramic vase is a line of high-class ceramics crafted specifically to suit the outdoor environment and the space where it is decorated.

The most common shape in which a ceramic vase is made is that of a vase with a neck. However, depending on the form, layout and placement, the vase will have different sizes specified by the owner.

Feng shui ceramic vases are also used as dishes boss gift Luxury attracts fortune, luck brings wealth to the owner.

1.1 What types of feng shui ceramic vases are there?

Not only are there many sizes and designs, they are also meticulously crafted and clearly defined with their own wishes and expectations embedded in the bottle. Based on those concepts, feng shui ceramic vases can be divided into 3 main types that are chosen by many people:

  • Mai Binh Tich Loc: This product has a round shape, the body is enlarged and retracts at the bottom. However, the neck is normally very small and the bottom of the jar will flare out symmetrically with the neck to create a stable posture for the vase. In the body, the sculptor will draw pictures or words to each other wishing for good luck
  • Binh Bao An: Binh Bao An has a design quite similar to Mai Binh Tich Loc, but the body of this product will be quite higher and the bottom will not flare out much. Because this is a product of blessing, it is often given as a gift in the lobby, living room in the family to pray for health and well-being for the whole family.
  • This product has a very impressive texture with a small mouth, a flared bottom along the body of the bottle and especially a very large bulge body. The body of the vase is decorated with motifs that are usually gilded or mixed with luxurious gold to honor the nobility, wealth and luxury of the owner. Because it is a fortune-telling object, the pot of fortune-telling is often placed in companies in the director’s room, in the reception room for customers to seek success.
The decanter is often decorated very differently
The decanter is often decorated very differently

2. Tips for choosing a feng shui ceramic vase to give your boss

If it is normal to choose a feng shui ceramic vase to give to a loved one, you have to consider a lot, then buying a gift for your boss – a leader is a more difficult task. Requires the right tips so as not to offend and choose the wrong product.

The feng shui ceramic vase is also a dish business gifts Compact, with hand-drawn lines, 24k gold means to attract fortune and prosperity when overflowing. This is a quality gift down to the smallest detail.

2.1 Find a vase that must match the general

The five elements are incompatible with each other, so if you choose a ceramic vase, you must see if the color and shape of the vase is suitable for the chosen person or not. A few colors you should check out to make the right choices for the recipient:

  • Destiny Kim: Yellow, brown, white, gray, gray
  • Destiny: Black, navy blue, green
  • Menh Thuy: White, gray, gray, black, blue
  • Destiny Fire: Green, red, pink, purple
  • Destiny Earth: Red, pink, purple, yellow, brown
Pay attention to the giver's destiny when choosing to buy a ceramic vase
Pay attention to the giver’s destiny when choosing to buy a ceramic vase

2.2 Pay attention to the layout when buying and displaying vases

The layout is an important thing to be able to pray for when choosing to buy a feng shui vase. Normally, a standard vase will have three main parts that you need to pay attention to:

  • Bracket part
  • The body of the bottle
  • The mouth of the bottle

With crafting pots that lack one of those three parts you should not buy. And you should buy 2 vases parallel to each other to increase the compatibility, because in the concept of feng shui, a “bare” vase is not a good thing.

2.3 Notice the texture on the ceramic vase

This can also be considered the most important part when you are looking to buy ceramic vases. The texture on the vase is a place to reflect the owner’s wish to be sophisticated. Usually, if you give it to your boss, you should refer to motifs such as: Unique successful code, smooth sailing, promotion,…

Need to pay attention to the texture of the bottle when giving it to the
Need to pay attention to the texture of the bottle when giving it to the “boss”

3. Prestigious address for quality gifts

If you want to learn and see directly the products of feng shui ceramic vases, come to gift store of DECOPRO at the address: No. 24, lane 129 Nguyen Xien, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi or call the hotline number: 0969 534 568 To be consulted directly.

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