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Giá vật liệu xây dựng tại TPHCM mới nhất năm 2022

Living amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, have you ever thought of building your own house? When building a house, what do you plan to build, and what is the estimated cost? Especially for the cost of construction materials, which is a matter of concern to many customers. Understanding this issue, today, we will share with you prices of construction materials in Ho Chi Minh City Please.

Why is the price of building materials in Ho Chi Minh City higher than in other provinces?


With a favorable geographical location, an important economic, cultural and technical center of the country, adjacent to and as a trade gateway of Binh Duong, Ba Ria Vung Tau as well as many other developed provinces, Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City promises to be a suitable destination for business development as well as a livable land for those who are still wondering about finding a stopover.

However, like many people say that the more urban areas develop, the higher the standard of living, which means that if you choose to build a house here, the cost must be higher than in other small provinces, or you choose to build a house here. If you build a house on the city road, the cost of construction materials will certainly be significantly higher than that of other provinces. Not to mention, we understand that the more the city grows, the larger services will also develop, including construction. Therefore, if you go to Ho Chi Minh City and find the cost of materials here is quite high, you should not be too surprised. Instead, choose for your family a reputable contractor to be provided with the most accurate and complete price.

Quotation of construction materials in Ho Chi Minh City

To help customers get a view as well as grasp the most accurate number about prices of construction materials in Ho Chi Minh Citywe would like to give the most specific numbers:


first. For stone:

In construction works, in addition to materials such as sand, cement, bricks, steel…, construction stone is also indispensable. Below are some types of construction stone commonly used in construction today.


Stone 0x4: is a type of small stone mixed from fine dust rock, often used as a distribution stone for the road surface, used for miles, patching, renewing the road surface… On the market today, there are 2 types of 0x4 stones, which are 0x4 stones. gray and 0x4 green.

Stone 1×2: is a type of stone that is separated from other stone products such as blue stone, black stone. This 1×2 stone is commonly used to pour concrete floors, road pavements…

Stone 3×4: size from 30-40mm, often used to pour concrete floors, wharf areas…

Stone 4×6: Sizes range from 40 to 60mm. This type of stone is widely used in today’s works, mainly used as foundation core, foundation embankment…

Stone 5×7: This stone is used as a base for cement tiles and floor tiles. In addition, it is also an additive for concrete technology for casting pipes, traffic works…

Sieve stone: 3 to 4mm in size. This is the smallest of all the rocks that are sieved from mimosa. Mi sieve stone is used as the base of cement tiles, floor tiles. Besides, they are also a component of hot asphalt and cold asphalt.


Dusty flint: less than 5mm in size. This type of stone is used as a variable in construction projects such as cement brick bases, additives for other building materials…

Mirage rocks are rock mites less than 5mm in size. During the processing of 1×1 and 1×2 stones, they undergo sieving and separation to produce the final product with the name mimosa stone. In addition, this stone is also known as stone powder.

Currently in the market, the price of stone has been kept steady for more than 1 year, the price of stone has not fluctuated too much, ranging from 210,000 VND to 370,000 VND depending on the type. The cheapest is 210,000 sieving and the most expensive is 1×2 blue Dong Nai. You can refer to the following table for more information:

Building stone 5×7 270,000 won 280,000 won
1×2 building stone (black) 270,000 won 280,000 won
1×2 building stone (green) 395,000 won 415,000 won
Dusty lashes 225,000 won 240,000 won
Sieve stone 250,000 won 265,000 won
Building stone 0x4 type 1 250,000 won 260,000 won
Building stone 0x4 type 2 220,000 won 235,000 won
Building stone 4×6 270,000 won 280,000 won

2. For Sand:

Sand is a building material used for any construction. Each type of sand has different properties, composition and properties. Currently, there are three types of sand commonly used in construction: yellow sand, black sand, and leveling sand. From these 3 types of sand can be used individually or in combination to suit each work item such as pouring concrete, leveling, building…


The price of construction sand in Ho Chi Minh City 2022 continuously increases, ranging from 140,000 VND/m3 to 400,000 VND/m3 depending on the type, the reason is that the sand beaches have been banned from exploitation, the amount of sand exploited is mainly from neighboring provinces. like Dong Thap, Dong Nai… There aren’t too many types of sand, so when customers buy sand for construction, it’s quite simple, depending on each project, please choose a separate type of sand, the price of sand fluctuates as follows. : Gold washed concrete sand: 250,000 VND/m3; Regular washing concrete sand: 180,000 VND/m3; Cat Tay To: 190,000 VND/m3; Leveling sand 150,000 VND/m3… Below is the latest price list of sand in HCMC.



(VAT not included)

Sand reclamation m3 135,000 won
Sand for bowls m3 145,000 won
Black sand poured into the background m3 77,000 won
Concrete sand grade 1 m3 200,000 won
Concrete sand type 2 m3 180,000 won
Golden grain sand m3 270,300
Building sand m3 88,700

3. For Steel:

As we have seen, steel today is quite diverse in types, so when learning about steel you must really pay attention, if you need advice from contractors, please contact for advice on the best steel. . On the market in Ho Chi Minh City, there are basic steel types as follows:

Steel is an indispensable building material for constructions. This type of material is mainly used for roofing, flat pouring, column pouring… Therefore, choosing the right type of steel, suitable for the project, will bring aesthetics as well as cost savings.

In the current market of building materials, there are many construction steel companies with different quality and prices such as Southern steel, Pomina, Viet Nhat, Hoa Phat, Viet Italy, Viet My, Thai Nguyen…etc. Below is the latest construction steel price list in HCMC




Price list of I-shaped steel in Ho Chi Minh City


Price list of Vietnamese American steel in Ho Chi Minh City


Price list of Vietnam Australia steel in Ho Chi Minh City


The price list of the above construction materials is the latest data we have surveyed and obtained based on the price synthesis from many big brands in the market. However, depending on the location in Ho Chi Minh City, this price may vary. So, to get the absolute correct number, you should survey the price near where you live before proceeding with the construction, it will be better. If possible, you should ask people who have experience in building and construction for guidance and how to choose materials that are affordable but reliable.

4. For cement

Previously, only Portland cement was common in the market, but now there are two new types: PCB and PC. There are also some typical types of cement such as low heat cement, expansion cement…


White cement also known as white silicon hydrochloric acid cement, used in most construction works, especially decoration. People often use white cement to make wall putty, decorative concrete…

Bulk cement also known as cement slurry, is directly brought to the construction site by specialized vehicles such as semi-trailers transporting cement, or cement. This type of cement has a high early strength, so the progress of the work is accelerated, helping to save construction costs.

Cement price list in Ho Chi Minh City today

With the volatility of the domestic building materials market in general and HCMC in particular in recent years. The following Construction Number sent to you about the current price list of cement in Ho Chi Minh City with the latest types on the market.



5. For bricks

On the construction market today, there are two types of bricks: terracotta bricks and unburnt bricks. Accordingly, terracotta bricks are the most common building bricks, the main component is clay fired at high temperature.

The unburnt brick is a material with the main ingredients being cement, sandstone, etc., which is not fired at high temperature, but pressed into shape and then vibrated at high frequency. There are two types of unburnt bricks: hollow bricks and solid bricks.


Quotation on building bricks at the latest in Ho Chi Minh City in 2022

The price of construction bricks in Ho Chi Minh City in 2022 is currently being sought by many businesses, organizations, individuals and construction materials. Therefore, Construction Number please send to the brick price list below.


According to experts’ predictions, the price of construction materials in Ho Chi Minh City in mid-2022 will continue to increase and increase very quickly. There are many reasons that cause the price of construction materials to increase in 2022 such as: scarcity of construction materials, difficult exploitation; The prices of materials are inflated due to high electricity bills such as cement, steel, iron… leading to high prices. Besides, there are a number of other reasons that can be mentioned as the demand is too great compared to the supply, tax increases, etc.

Above are some of our shares about the price of construction materials in Ho Chi Minh City. Hopefully with these small shares, you can estimate the most accurate numbers for the volume of materials to build your house. Good luck. If you have any questions, please send them to taydungso.vn to be answered at any time and understand more about the price of any local materials.

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