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What color is the house painting destiny?  What is the water and color combination?


Choosing a color that matches your age will help your life be illuminated, great work, and health. Besides, many people also believe that the color of the age helps the owner to attract fortune. Choosing the right color for destiny also brings fortune into the house, good health and prosperity. This article Mogi will inform people What color is destiny to paint the house? Bring good luck to your home.

Overview of the water man

In Sino-Vietnamese, par Thuy means water. The circle of the five elements includes: Wood gives birth to Fire, Fire gives birth to Earth, Earth gives birth to Metal, Kim gives birth to Water and Thuy gives birth to Wood.

The person carrying the Water sign represents the source of water, symbolizing the flow of energy that is always exchanged and absorbed in all things. This water flow has a strong influence on people and nature. When positive, water is the source of water that nourishes people and creates lush things. Opposite when negative, this water will engulf all things, destroy nature.

People destined for Thuy are endowed with intelligence. They are also agile people like the image of water, the watershed is always active. Personality of Thuy is open, friendly and kind. People of Destiny are also people with leadership qualities, bravery in all difficulties and challenges.

Water is the symbol of the people with the destiny of Thuy

In which year was the person born in the aquatic life?

  • Born in the Year of the Rat: 1936 or 1996
  • Born in the year of the Snake: 1953 or 2013
  • Born in the year of the Dog: 1982 or 1922
  • Born in the year of the Ox: 1937 or 1997
  • Born in the Year of the Horse: 1966 or 2026
  • Born in the year of the Pig: 1983 or 1923
  • Born in Giap Than year: 1944 or 2004
  • Born in the year of the Goat: 1967 or 2027
  • Born in the year of the Rooster: 1945 or 2005
  • Born in the year of the Tiger: 1974 or 2034
  • Born in the year of the Dragon: 1952 or 2012
  • Born in the year of the Rabbit: 1975 or 2035

There are 6 syllables of the Water element and each has its own characteristics. As follows:

Jian Xia Shui

The people of Destiny have the Gian Ha Thuy sound, which symbolizes the cool water in the stream. That stream of water always hides in the rock holes. Massive cliffs gurgled day and night, supplying water to the downstream. The river shallowness of the Gian Ha Thuy stream is unpredictable and unstable.

Tuyen Trung Thuy

Is the water in a deep well, underground water. This stream of water is hidden deep in the ground, surrounded by nature. This stream of water is sometimes massive, sometimes shallow and deep, immeasurable. Therefore, this person has a deeply affectionate character. They are also emotional people, whose actions are unpredictable.

Luu Thuy School

This is a rushing, powerful and non-stop flowing water. People belonging to this destiny are people with high will and great ambition. But his personality is peaceful and close, so he can be trusted, without greed or distrust.

Thien Ha Thuy

It is rain water in the sky. Rain water makes nature and ancient trees grow, sprout, and flourish. The person carrying the Thien Ha Thuy sound has a generous, kind, open-minded personality and is easy to make friends. However, depending on the season that rain water falls, it will be of good or bad nature. Therefore, this person has a hot-tempered, impulsive personality. When doing work related to religion, the community will improve this shortcoming. They also need more training in knowledge and wisdom.

Thien Ha Thuy is the image of rain water in the sky

Dai Khe Thuy

In Sino-Vietnamese means waterfalls on the cliffs, big water flowing in the deep forest. This is considered a large water flow, large flow. The flow force of this negative charge cannot be predicted. This person with the destiny of Thuy loaded the sound is a person of complete talent and virtue and is endowed with an overview. They enjoy the benefits, not afraid of lack. These are people with high education, status in society and a very high spirit of contribution and construction, who are good leaders.

Reload the Dai Ke Thuy sound of people destined for Thuy

Dai Hai Thuy

Symbolizes the water in the sea. This is the charge of the Shui sound unhindered by any element in nature. Even the Tho par is opposite to the Thuy par, but with this chord, the Tho element cannot be stopped or interrupted.

Reloading Dai Hai Thuy represents water under the sea

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Characteristic characteristics of people destined for Thuy

Representing the people in the Thuy family is the image of water, so the people in the Thuy destiny have a characteristic personality of mildness, calmness, leadership, but also enthusiasm and generosity.

Thuy is the five elements symbolizing wisdom and knowledge, so the people destined for Thuy are also intelligent, resourceful and have a rich and auspicious fate.

The image of water gurgling on the stream or billowing upstream also shows that this person is unpredictable. But they are also open-minded, have many relationships and easily win the trust and trust of the other party.

Is house paint color important?

Choosing exterior house paint colors and interior house paint colors are especially important. The owner of the house, when living in a space with colors suitable for the age of destiny, will have auspicious air and balanced health.

On the contrary, when choosing a house paint color that is not suitable for age, homeowners will feel stuffy, constrained and secretive. Even in their own space, the owner is born with a changing personality, unfavorable work, and health is also affected.

Color is one of the factors that balance the law of yin and yang of the five elements. Yang means light moves and reflects colored light, and yin means dark colors absorb color.

If you understand the meaning of colors in the five elements in accordance with the destiny. If you know how to use this element, it will strengthen your strengths and bring you opportunities. On the other hand, if you use the wrong color, it can limit many points, hindering your luck.

What color does Destiny paint the house?

What color Manh Thuy paints the house depends on the preferences of the owner. However, it is necessary to consider the selection of blue, gray, gray, white, and black colors. According to the theory of the five elements, Earth meets Water, and Water meets Fire. Therefore, people with the Water sign should abstain from painting their houses red, purple, orange, yellow, and green, because these are the colors of the Earth and Fire elements.

The color that corresponds with the people of the Water destiny is white, gray and gray

Five elements of feng shui people destined for Thuy

According to the closed circle of the five elements and the law of mutual existence, the universes will be compatible to harmonize the elements of heaven and earth.

Destiny Kim gave birth to Destiny. Therefore, the interpretation of the Thuy destiny having the compatible color of black and blue is related to this factor. Kim gives birth to Thuy is a relationship that gives birth to another, supporting each other.

Representing the par Kim are white, gold, and platinum colored objects. Therefore, the mutual colors of Hanh Thuy are white, platinum, and metallic colors.

Choosing exterior or interior paint colors that are platinum or metallic colors will make the house more luxurious and high-class.

The colors that are compatible with people of the Water destiny are black and blue

The color is compatible with those of the Water destiny

As mentioned above, water is the typical symbol for the people of the Water line. Therefore, the compatible color of this person is also blue and black.

The compatible color chosen by the people of Destiny is the color to paint houses and cars. The compatible color will help this person bring good luck, attract luck and fortune into the house.

Paint palette for people destined for Thuy

Based on the closed circle of the five elements, the people of Destiny have 4 types of colors: mutual colors, harmonious colors, engraved colors and engraved colors.

Look up colors by order

Similar colors of life Thuy: white, gray. These are symbolic colors for people destined for Kim. The Law of Kim gives birth to Earth. Therefore, the characteristic color of the Kim people helps the Tho people to attract fortune and lucky opportunities.

Harmonious colors of water: black and blue. This is the typical color for the image of water flow of the people of destiny

The colors of the Thuy are engraved: red, pink, purple. This is the color that symbolizes the Fire people. These colors will carve and hinder the lucky lines for people with the Water destiny. Or make the spirit and mood of the people destined for Thuy feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

Colors engraved with Thuy’s destiny: yellow, earthy brown. This is the color symbolizing the person of the Earth par, this par will absorb all the energy and vitality from the person of the Thuy par, the earth will absorb water.

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What color should the people of Destiny avoid painting the house?

According to the closed circle of the five elements, the Fire element is in line with Thuy’s destiny, and water is always in opposition to fire. Therefore, people of the Thuy destiny need to avoid painting the house with hot colors such as red, pink, and purple. When painting the house with carved colors, the space of the house becomes mysterious and affects the spirit of the owner.

People of the Thuy destiny also need to pay attention to the engraved destiny. It is the destiny of Tho Khac Thuy (also known as the land that absorbs water). The image representing Earth is earth, so the colors representing this par are yellow, earthy brown. If the Water sign paints the house yellow or earth, it will face many difficulties. Fate will be restrained and prevent luck from entering the house.

In the case of husband par fire, wife destiny water paint what color?

These are two opposite clauses, so choosing what color to paint the house to harmonize is extremely important. The husband of the Fire parity has a mutual color of green. Therefore, the interior of the house should be painted blue. Song also adjusts the lightness of the color gamut to match the wife’s par.

Homeowners can also paint alternately white, gray and gray in some other rooms. Homeowners choosing white as a highlight for the house also helps attract good luck into the house.

In the case of husband and wife, what color do you paint the house in?

These are two fates that are not mutually exclusive, but also not mutually compatible. Manh Thuy of the wife is engraved by the destiny of the husband.

So choose blue paint and yellow accents. Or the homeowner chooses to paint earth colors that will help attract energy for both husband and wife. Blue and yellow colors also help the house to be both warm, the flow will attract good fortune, fortune opportunities fill the house.

Some real house models are painted in suitable colors for people of destiny Thuy

Choose a bedroom paint color that is suitable for destiny, luxurious

Model of living room according to Thuy

The bedroom is the second most important place in the house after the living room, this is where you will spend a lot of time resting and enjoying life. Should choose blue color, combine gray or gray color for the bedroom. This will help your room be blown by the blue sea breeze. Bring an airy space, feel more comfortable after a long working day. Resting in a comfortable space will also help you have a deep sleep and have abundant energy to start a new working day.

How to arrange the bedroom according to the destiny of the Thuy people

The bedroom painted blue is suitable for people of destiny

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Choose a cool, matching bathroom paint model

Model of a bathroom for people destined for Thuy

With the current trend, many families pay special attention to the design of the bathroom space. Many designs are applied from simple, modern and classic styles combined with a variety of blue colors. These are definitely the types of bathrooms that show the sophisticated, stylish lifestyle of the owner of this house.

Combining blue and gray when painting the bathroom for people destined for Thuy

Choose a beautiful and cozy kitchen paint model in accordance with Thuy’s destiny

Choosing blue household items for the kitchen of people of destiny

Finally, it is the kitchen that is painted in blue, which is extremely suitable for people of destiny. The harmony and balance when using blue with hot colors of kitchen appliances is also a reasonable choice. This helps the spirit of Thuy to avoid risks and limit incidents while preparing meals for the family.

Combining two tones of blue and gray for the kitchen of Destiny

Through this article, I hope you have gained more useful information to answer your question What color did Thuy paint the house? Not only is it important to choose paint colors, you need to pay attention to the locations of choosing paint colors for the house. Paint what color inside, what color outside to bring good luck to your beloved home. Besides, choosing furniture with similar and compatible colors will make your living space more luxurious. It also shows the personality and spirit of the owner. See more information about architecture, housing, and feng shui at Mogi website.

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