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The fact that the environmental pollution index is increasing day by day clearly shows the great “green lung” role of green plants.

Trees play the role of air conditioner, absorbing toxic substances harmful to health and bringing a fresh atmosphere.

In addition, trees also contribute to landscape and shade for urban works.

In this article, No. 1 Incubator will share with you urban green plants The most popular right now!

The city has planned that the coverage of trees must be 41%.. And must maintain these plans and plans, do not convert the green area to other uses for any reason. It is necessary to strengthen the system of street trees, parks and trees scattered among the people, build protection forests, special-use forests… – Dr. Le Duc Tuan

Eagle tree – Street shade tree


The eagle tree is one of the urban green plants that you most often encounter when passing through the streets. This tree has a tall woody trunk, wide foliage, so it is planted for the purpose of getting shade.

In addition to the streets, trees are also planted in green parks, hospitals or schools.

Poinciana tree

sidewalk plants

The phoenix tree is one of the trees often planted in schools, associated with the age of students. Therefore, you can easily see the image of trees in the school yard. Besides, trees are also planted in many streets such as eagle trees to create shade.

Accordingly, the tree is usually 10-20m high, including many branches and branches to help the foliage be enlarged and thick. Thanks to that, the tree can “stretching” to cool people on hot summer days.

Crocodile – Street plant

Crocodile is a resilient tree with a straight trunk structure, wide foliage and evergreen all year round. Type street shade tree This is also very easy to care for and less susceptible to attack by pests. In addition, the tree has a deep root system deep into the ground, the branches are supple, so it is not easy to “submit” to storms.

urban green plants

Thanks to the above reasons, the construction crocodile tree is always on the list urban green plants most widely planted today.

Nacre tree

The next name cannot be absent from the list street trees that is the conch tree. This is a woody plant with a very large trunk diameter, wide and green foliage around the handle. Therefore, nacre is very suitable for Plant trees for urban shade.

names of urban green plants

Currently, trees are often planted on medians or on both sides of roads running along streets, parks and schools.

Lagerstroemia tree

Every degree in the summer, if the phoenix tree highlights a sky with its bright red flowers, the lily-of-the-valley tree is featured with purple flowers..

Bang Lang is street plants usually about 10-15m high, divided into many branches and branches. The tree has tall, very wide and thick foliage, so it is planted a lot for shade.

Lagerstroemia tree

Ironwood tree – Urban green tree

The next plant that Nursery No. 1 wants to share with you is ironwood. The tree is also known by another name as linden tree. This is also one of the urban green plants to shade and create landscapes in streets, schools, parks, hospitals, etc.

street shade tree

Previously, iron-clad plants were mainly distributed in the central and southern regions of our country. However, now, the tree has been widely and widely planted everywhere. The height of the tree is usually 20-30m. The trunk is grayish-white and has many broad wings.

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

The tree is widely known for its ability to provide shade. Not only that, the flowers of the Christmas tree also have an attractive appearance and an extremely pure and pleasant fragrance. And these are the most convincing reasons for this plant to be planted as much as it is today.

Every time you go through the streets or visit the campus of a hospital, school or park, you will definitely encounter a cedar tree.

Street greenery: Usually includes buluva, a strip of trees along the sidewalk (sidewalk), a strip of decorative green trees, a strip of green trees separating roads, traffic directions, etc.

Sesame tree – Popular street green tree

street plants

The next plant on the list sidewalk plants Commonly grown today to get shade is the sesame tree.

This is also a plant that always receives favor from many people because it belongs to the group of 4 precious trees: “Sanh – Sung – Tung – Loc”.

Sesame tree is a tree with a very beautiful and sturdy stem and root. The canopy is wide and thick, so it can cool a large area.

In addition, the tree also produces bright red flower clusters that make the surrounding landscape more lively and fresh.

Sesame buds are also the main plants at Nursery Number One.

If you have a need to order urban shade trees, please contact us.

Nursery No. 1 specializes in providing construction greens, sesame buds, fruit trees, etc., providing a large number of plants and varieties for the whole South.

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Yellow bell flower tree

Yellow lily is also one of urban green plants both for shade and to help decorate the surrounding landscape. The reason is because in addition to the tall stem, wide and thick canopy, the tree also produces bright yellow flowers that look like a bell.

urban yellow bell flower tree

The image of yellow flowers weaving in the green foliage makes the tree more beautiful and impressive.

Oil tree rotten

oleander tree

Not only valuable for the field of construction, medicine and interior decoration, oleander is also very useful in urban works. This is a large tree with an upright trunk, about 40-50m high. In addition, the tree also has a wide canopy, large leaves and high adaptability to all living conditions, so it is planted a lot in streets or parks.

oleander stem

This plant is also capable of flowering with small flowers with lots of stamens and almost no stalk. Around November – December every year, you will start to see flowers blooming on the branches.

Types of Bushes Landscape Buildings With beautiful flowers planted on sidewalks and gardens

Camphor tree

Camphor tree is a woody plant with a very large trunk and evergreen leaves all year round. The height of the fish is usually about 20-40m and the diameter of the body is up to 200cm. The leaves have long stalks, glossy and smooth surfaces, alternately grow along the 2 sides of the petiole. Not only flowers from March to April, the tree also ripens from October to November.

camphor tree

Now, Camphor trees are planted on urban streets not only to absorb heavy ions that help purify the air, but also to create additional shade.

Sang tree

Surely for many people, the name “luxury tree” is quite strange. The luxury tree is street plants up to 15 m high, 25 cm in diameter. Luxurious crimson star-shaped five-pointed flowers and fruits. When ripe, the fruit splits revealing contrasting jet-black beads that enhance the tree’s aristocratic beauty.

luxury tree

Type urban shade tree This tree has a woody, long life and is always green all year round. In particular, the succulent tree is a tree with large leaves and does not fall, so it is very prioritized to be chosen for making street treesbuildings, urban areas,…

Canary tree – Street shade tree

Canary tree can grow up to 10-20m high, grow fast. The diameter of the trunk is about 40cm. The bark is gray-white, the flesh is pink, 6–8mm thick, and is often used as a red dye.

canary tree

Branches smooth, compound leaves once even, alternate, 15–60 cm long with 3-8 pairs of deciduous leaflets. The plant grows well in sunny and well-drained areas, not suitable for arid or cold climates. So it’s also an option for street trees.

Because the tree has beautiful flowers, wide canopy, grows quickly, is not too tall, and has horizontal and firm roots, the canary tree is worth paying attention to as a tree for landscape shade, street tree.

Black star tree

Black star tree is widely distributed throughout the country, especially in the Southeast and South Central Highlands. Large tree with straight, oblong trunk, up to 30m high. The trunk has cracks along the grain, black, the inner core is reddish. The foliage is dense pyramidal, the branches are large, long, upright. Planted to embellish the landscape, get shade.

black star tree

Black Star tree with the advantages of straight trunk, four seasons of green leaves, the ability to provide stable, regular, year-round shade will be a great choice for the streets. Hanoi has Lo Duc street or Saigon also has famous beautiful streets associated with this tree.

With large landscape works, urban works If you require a design drawing, this is a very suitable choice. It will make the landscape of the area lively and aesthetically pleasing.

Ship palm tree

The Chinese palm tree is a secondary tree, evergreen, adult tree with a height of up to 15m – 25m, depending on growing conditions. Trees are planted in sidewalks, parks, on street sidewalks… to block dust and prevent glare right in the middle of the road divider, making the landscape more vivid.

palm tree

The stem is cylindrical, about 20 – 30 cm in diameter. Leaves are concentrated at the top, bright green fan-shaped blade, split into many rays. Old leaves grow in the direction of the ground, Banh Tieu leaves grow sideways and horizontally, young leaves grow vertically, forming a spherical canopy, like a fountain spraying in all directions.

Flowers bisexual, spontaneous, clustered. Palm trees like full light, like moist, well-drained soil, have good drought tolerance for many months of the year.

This plant has few leaves, so it is easy to clean.

Planting trees must take into account the falling leaves, ie cleaning up must be taken into account. Therefore, in order to save the most effort, people often choose plants that can wilt in one season and shed leaves in one season for people to do.

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Mango tree

The mango tree is a large tree with a height of 10-20 m. As a tall tree, it needs to be planted in wide and open places. The leaves of the mango tree are whole, alternate, simple leaf shape, the leaves are oblong, glossy dark green above, paler underside and have raised veins. Each year, mango produces 3-4 shoots depending on the variety and weather.

Mango tree

Mango flowers grow in clusters at the tops of branches, very long mango clusters about 25 cm, on the inflorescences there are small yellow flowers. .


The pen is native to tropical Asian countries. The pen is a tree native to Vietnam, found in the Central Highlands in evergreen forests. The Viet tree belongs to a medium-sized woody plant, 10-20m tall, with a white latex body, branches with many luxuriant foliage.

The Writing Tree has simple leaves, with a straight margin. The tree has white flowers growing in the leaf axils, the flowers have a faint fragrance. The tree has ovate, compact, green foliage all year round, rarely shedding leaves.


The tree is beautiful, with good leaves, so it is often used as a construction tree to create urban landscapes such as: planting individual plants in combination with flowering trees, planting in pots, planting in clusters of 3-5 trees in parks. , school campus, dormitory, residential area, office or planted in rows on the street, along the riverbank, planted in the garden of villas…

Golden tree

Vang Anh is a medium-sized tree, the height of the tree is from 5 to 20m, the diameter of the trunk is up to 25cm. The canopy is round, the bark is gray-brown. Young twigs are slightly purple after turning green and aging dark brown. Flowers yellow, bisexual or unisexual with the same root, sepals disappear. Flowering season from April to May, fruit season from July to October.

yellow tree

Vang Anh is a large tree with a wide canopy that gives shade and beautiful yellow flowers all year round. Tall shape, beautiful flowers, shade and green all year round, so Vang Anh tree is included in the list of green trees. in urban areas, often planted along sidewalks, along streets, parks…

So if you are looking for urban green plants then try to learn more about this tree!


Hope with the list urban green plants that Nursery No. 1 shared above has helped you have more new choices. Hope you find the right tree soon!

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